Post Up! Preserving Your Peace During Social Chaos

How do you even start to protect your sanity and peace when the world is busy throwing trauma in the mix at every turn? Make it make sense!

I'm about to try.

So, with another Black man being slaughter in the streets (Make it Make Sense!!!), a recession that is making some have to choose between food or gas (but you need gas to get to work so you can get the money for the food--damn!) COVID (tf!?!?!) and so many other serious stressors, how can you cope and keep your grind grinding?

It's time to order your day so that you can get through it!!!

Here is a 5 Things to Do for You During Times of Social Chaos:

1. Look for Facts, Not Fluff.

There is so much to see online. You cannot trust all of it to be true. Look for facts, not fiction and don't believe everything that you read. Facts usually have a citation behind them and what it sites is usually something you've heard of before. Copy and paste the source and then google that...if it is a site or source online that does not seem like it is related to that subject or topic--don't just believe it because it is an article and online. It could be false information. Websites like Snopes and others, are well-respected fact-checking sites for certain types of scams, etc. (I'm not endorsing that site, just giving an example). 

Dig until you feel comfortable that it is a well-sourced article or information. Don't believe the hype! #publicenemyreference

2. Protect Your Peace. Preserve Your Sanity.

What do you need to feel at peace? What do you do to return to joy? Big or small, your daily routine MUST include scheduled sanity. We are bombarded by traumatic imagines of our men..our people being disrespected, pummeled, dehumanized in the media, daily. Why not make it a priority to be intentional about putting Black positivity into your orbit every day. Do not let the negative attitudes, opinions, and actions of others to cloud your day. 

3. Get Professional Supports. 

We are so used to keeping on going and trying to shoulder everything on our own. It can be too much! Even with God, family, and friends, it can just be a lot to hold it all together. Have you ever tried therapy? There are skilled, trained professionals out here that you might try adding to your support channel. I know. I know. A lot of times we do not go to therapists. because we may not have found a connection, the person we went to in the past didn't get it, and it felt awkward. Did you know that you can choose a therapist that looks like YOU? There are choices that you can make to get the right person for your needs. The link below is just an example: Black Therapists Near You. You can create your own list by following the prompts you see at the top of the page on that link and editing it for your city and other preferences.

Why not give it a try? The statistics on the number of Black people who are ending their own lives is increasing year over year. I lost my eldest brothers to this situation. If you need help and you cannot see light, please text: 988 for immediate support. 

4. Eat, Pray, Etc. 

Choose to keep your wellness routines. That means, eating at regular intervals (no stress eating here), tap into your spiritual supports, and making sure you are getting regular sleep. If you are having difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, why not try melatonin or an over-the-counter sleep aid to help you to get a good night's sleep. If you are seeing someone professionally (or need to) be sure to discuss your sleeping issues so that you can get the proper help. I am not a medical doctor, so if you are having constant issues, get it checked out--for real. Sleep issues can lead to physical illness/disease (for real).

5. Take Little (Mental) Bites at a Time.

When it comes to trying to mentally, physically, and emotionally digest trauma, we have to give ourselves time to processes the thing. That means, even if a trauma is thrown into our face, we still need to give ourselves the chance to successfully understanding and come to terms with what occurred. Shock is real and can affect you in many ways (physically and mentally). We are not meant to take on certain types of events all at once. Try any of the suggestions outlined above to make the situation doable, and also consider: journaling (there are a number of free online journaling options too!), social groups and meet ups, daily exercise (walking is fine), making simple to-do lists each day, and other stress relieving outlets. Check in with yourself. You are your best teacher and guide. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your day, take a few minutes to yourself. Close your eyes (if it's safe to do so!), breath, be still, and know that it is okay to take a pause for YOU. #bestillandknow

You deserve to have and to maintain peace. Chaos does not have a place in your daily life. 

So, what are your thoughts? How do you preserve your peace during trying times?


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